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Drowning Case Study Webinar


Drowning Case Study presented by Gerry Dworkin of Lifesaving Resources.

Webinar: August 10, 2020  1 PM EST – 3 PM EST

This fast-paced and comprehensive webinar designed for Lifeguards, Lifeguard Supervisors & Instructors, Parks and Recreation Professionals, Aquatic Facility Managers and Operators, and Personal Injury Attorneys involved in drowning or aquatic injury litigation.

Gerry will present an actual case study of a fatal submersion incident that occurred at a public swimming pool with lifeguards present.  This case study will present, in graphic detail, the incident as it transpired; the Standard of Care for the prevention, recognition and management of drowning and aquatic injuries; and the opinions stating how the facility and lifeguards breached the standard of care resulting in this fatal incident.

Note: The webinar will include several graphic videos of two drowning incidents.

Gerry regularly consults as an Aquatics Safety Forensics Expert and has consulted on over 450 cases to date.  He is a professional Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue Consultant for Lifesaving Resources ( and responsible for the development and conduct of training programs for the Public Safety & Rescue, as well as the Lifeguard & Aquatic Recreation Sectors.  Gerry has conducted training programs throughout the U.S., as well as Internationally.

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