“He Who Saves A Single Life, Is Said To Have Saved The Entire World”

~ Tractate Sanhedrin

Lifesaving Resources
Mission Statement

To prevent and/or reduce the number of drownings and aquatic injuries through the education and training of Public Safety & Rescue Professionals; Lifeguard & Aquatic Recreation Professionals; and the General Public.

Ice Rescue by Lifesaving Resources

Featured Courses

Due to COVID-19, Lifesaving Resources has suspended all in-person training programs until February 2021

Now Offering Live Online Training Courses!

Our new series of training courses, led by Gerald Dworkin, provides First Responders and those that work in and around water the opportunity to improve their life saving and safety skills from one of America’s foremost experts in water rescue, ice rescue and drowning incidents.

Ice Rescue Training

February 17 – 20, 2022
Portland, Maine

Water Rescue Training

September 15-18, 2022
Portland, Maine

Lifesaving Resources sponsors and conducts annual 4-day Instructor Academies for the purpose of training Water Rescue and Ice Rescue Instructors for Public Safety and Rescue agencies from throughout North America. Upon successful completion of an Academy, graduates are authorized as either Water Rescue or Ice Rescue instructors to conduct courses and certify their personnel at the Awareness, Operations and/or Technician level on behalf of their respective agencies.

These courses meet/exceed NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006, and certification is valid for 5 years from the course completion date.

Customized Academies can be conducted at the request of Fire, Rescue, EMS, and/or Law Enforcement agencies.  Customized Academies require 4 days of instruction and are dependent upon availability of local lodging, facilities, and faculty, with a minimum enrollment of 6 instructor candidates.

Recent Articles

  • HANDS-ONLY CPR is NOT appropriate or effective for use on submersion/drowning victims. Drowning is a HYPOXIC event in that the onset of CARDIAC ARREST resulted from RESPIRATORY ARREST. Performing Hand

  • While no ice is safe ice, there considerations and equipment that make venturing onto ice safer; and how to save yourself if you fall into an ice covered body of water.

  • Self rescue from a submerged vehicle can be accomplished with quick action upon entering the water.

The Power of Water

The Power of Water should never be underestimated –
its’ beauty, strength or force.

Life cannot exist without water –
it empowers us and commands respect.
Be ready for it!

by Donna J. Dworkin

Come Hell or High Water

Instructor Portal

Currently authorized Lifesaving Resources Ice and Water Rescue Instructors have direct access to course instructional materials, administrative forms, etc. within the Instructor Portal.  Click below to access the portal using your assigned password.  Please contact Gerry Dworkin at Lifesaving Resources for that password and e-mail [email protected] to receive the latest PowerPoint.