5-layers-of-protectionsmallPool Safety
This videoclip stresses the need to provide perimeter fencing and gates around swimming pools.

September 11 – Never Forget (4.5MB)

Mustang Survival Ice Commander Rescue Suit and NFPA 1670 (19.5 MB)

Brain-dead baby recovers

Dog Rescue through the Ice

Dedicated to the Firefighters who sacrificed their lives during the Charleston, SC incident on
June 18, 2007
(PPS-3.2 MB Zip File)

How to Perform CPR on Yourself (PPT-171 KB)

Binghamton Fire Department Drowning Incident Video Clip

This YouTube video is the actual and edited film clip taken by news reporters which shows two Firefighters drown and 5 who almost drown while attempting to recover a PFD from the face of a low-head dam. This footage was taken the day after a child drowned when his raft overturned in the swollen river and a Police Officer drowned when his boat overturned during the search for that child. This video is a classic example why an Incident Commander must distinguish between Rescue and Recovery and the need to conduct a Risk:Benefit Analysis prior to committing personnel and equipment in any type of emergency operation.

AED Promotion (1.1 MB)
The following presentation is for use by Instructors and Emergency Care Management Consultants in promoting the establishment of AED programs to Lifeguard, Aquatics Safety and Recreation, Business and Community Groups. Presented as a public service by Lifesaving Resources Inc.

Fences, Gates & Latches (13.9 MB)
This slide show was presented at the 3rd Annual National Drowning Prevention Symposium in 2004, and an abbreviated version was shown as part of the testimony of Maureen Williams at the CPSC hearing on swimming pool drowning in Phoenix, July 2004. Maureen Williams is the PR manager for D&D Technologies, manufacturer of the Magna-Latch magnetic pool gate latch, and also the founder of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA). Maureen has given permission for anyone who wants to use this presentation, without substantially altering its main message re: the importance of isolation fencing, to do so.

Early Defibrillation (1 MB)
This powerpoint presentation advocates the benefits of early defibrillation and supports Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs.

California Wild Fires 2003 (700 Kb)
A pictorial overview of the California wild fires of 2003

Attack On America (4.9 MB)
This dramatic and emotional slide program pays tribute to the Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement Personnel who responded to the World Trade Center incident on September 11, 2001

Remembering September 11, 2001
A pictorial “Remembrance Gallery” brought to you by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

10 Commandments (5.8 MB)
A brief presentation on the major responsibilities of Lifeguard Personnel.

Bloodbourne Pathogens (175 Kb)
This slide program describes Body Substance Isolation (BSI) Protocols and Universal Precautions for anyone with patient care responsibilities, including Lifeguards, Public Safety and Rescue Personnel.

Rescue Training Manikins (4.8 MB)
This presentation has been developed by Simulaids and describes the features and uses of the line of Water Re6scue training manikins for use by Lifeguard and Public Safety and Rescue training agencies.