Lifesaving Resources will not be conducting any in-person Ice Rescue Technician courses during 2021 due to COVID, but online Ice Rescue Awareness courses are available. We hope to resume in-person training programs in May 2021.

Course and Seminar Registration

We offer a variety of water and ice rescue courses throughout the year. Each season is highlighted by our four-day Instructor Academies, with Ice Instructor Academy in winter and Water Rescue in the spring.  Additionally, we offer technician courses for water, ice and swiftwater rescue.

And now, we offer a new series of live online training courses for first responders,  as well as aquatic facility managers, lifeguard supervisors and instructors and lifeguards.

Participants may register for Lifesaving Resources’ sponsored seminars and courses online through the course links below or by printing and mailing a paper registration.

Early registration is recommended and should be received at least 10 days prior to the seminar/course date in order to insure availability. Seminars/courses may also be sponsored by independent organizations at which time registration must be processed directly through those organizations.

If you have any questions regarding our training courses or registration please call us at (207) 967-8614.

Courses & Seminars

Ice Rescue Instructor Academy

Portland, Maine

Winter 2021 Course Canceled Due To COVID

This course prepares participants to safely and effectively respond to rescue and recovery incidents on and through the ice, as well as in, on and around cold water. The course meets and exceeds NFPA 1670 and 1006 Standards for Technical Rescue.

Water Rescue Instructor Academy

Portland, Maine

Thurs May 13 - Sat May 16, 2021

The International Water Rescue Instructor Academy is an intensive and comprehensive 4-day program designed for training and certifying public safety and rescue personnel as surface water and swiftwater rescue instructors.

Online Ice Rescue Awareness Course

Live Zoom Conference

Dec 10 (Thu) - 1-3 PM ET

Jan 7 (Thu) - 1-3 PM ET

Jan 21 (Thu) - 1-3 PM ET

Feb 4 (Thu) - 1-3 PM ET

Feb 8 (Thu) - 1-3 PM ET

The Ice Rescue Awareness course curriculum consists of the classroom portion of the Lifesaving Resources Ice Rescue Technician curriculum and requires approximately 3 hours to complete.

This curriculum meets/exceeds NFPA 1670 & NFPA 1006 Standards for Technical Rescue.

Drowning / Aquatic Injury Case Study Series – FREE!

Live Zoom Conference

Oct 29 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

Nov 19 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

Dec 17 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

Jan 14 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

Feb 25 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

Mar 18 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

Apr 22 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

May 27 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET

This fast-paced and comprehensive monthly webinar series will allow attendees to understand how a break-down in procedure can lead to catastrophic results.

These eye-opening lessons will provide an understanding of not just what transpired leading up to and in reaction to these incidents, but how they can be prevented and the proper response in the event you are faced with a similar situation.