Drowning / Aquatic Injury Case Study Series

Drowning / Aquatic Injury Case Study Series

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This fast-paced and comprehensive monthly webinar series will allow attendees to understand how a break-down in procedure can lead to catastrophic results. These eye-opening lessons will provide an understanding of not just what transpired leading up to and in reaction to these incidents, but how they can be prevented and the proper response in the event you are faced with a similar situation.

All webinars are presented live from our headquarters in Kennebunkport, Maine by Gerry Dworkin. With over 40 years’ experience in the field and in training first responders from around the world, Gerry is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts in water/ice rescue and in forensic investigations related to aquatic injury or death. He has consulted in over 450 litigation cases and has been featured in national media including CBS News and NBC News.

Each month, a different case study will be presented in an interactive format via Zoom.

Case studies are all actual investigations such as a fatal submersion incident that occurred at a public swimming pool with lifeguards present.

These case studies will present, in graphic detail, the incidents as they transpired; the Standard of Care for the prevention, recognition and management of drowning and aquatic injuries; and the opinions stating how the facility and lifeguards breached the standard of care resulting in the incidents.

Note: These webinars may include graphic videos and images.

Course Dates:

Note: Case Studies subject to change.

Oct 29 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
Woman and child drown in submerged vehicle incident when vehicle leaves the roadway and lands in an unprotected quarry.

Nov 19 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
Child drowns in HOA pool when lifeguards fail to recognize his distress and submersion, then fail to effectively respond.

Dec 17 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
2.5 year old drowns in condo complex pool with deficient barriers to prevent unauthorized access during a lapse in adult supervision.

Jan 14 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
Child drowns in unguarded and unmonitored hotel pool with insufficient security.

Feb 25 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
Child drowns at unguarded fitness club pool due to negligent supervision and operation.

Mar 18 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
Child drowns at community military base swimming pool with lifeguards present who fail to recognize his distress and fail to rapidly and effectively respond and manage the incident.

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 Apr 22 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
This webinar will focus on the STANDARD OF CARE for the Prevention, Recognition and Management of Drowning and Aquatic Injuries.

May 27 (Thu) 1-3 PM ET
Child suffers a non-fatal submersion incident resulting in hypoxic brain injury at a resort hotel pool with no lifeguards.

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