Washington Firefighters Swim to Rescue Couple in Sinking Vehicle

WA Firefighters Swim to Rescue Couple in Sinking Vehicle

Poulsbo firefighters were treated for hypothermia after diving into Liberty Bay to save two people who were trapped upside-down in their crashed vehicle.

DECEMBER 15, 2019

Firefighters swam into Liberty Bay south of Poulsbo on Saturday morning to rescue a couple trapped upside-down in their vehicle.

First responders received the call at 8:35 a.m. When they arrived at the scene, just south of the Poulsbo Yacht Club off of Fjord Drive Northeast, they found the vehicle almost completely submerged in the bay’s chilly waters, with just the back tires exposed.

The couple and three firefighters were taken to the hospital. The man was transported to Bremerton’s Harrison hospital in critical condition, the woman in stable condition. The three firefighters were treated for hypothermia.

Poulsbo police are investigating the incident.

Polusbo Water Crash(WA)

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