The Scared Straight of Aquatics

The Scared Straight of Aquatics is a comprehensive, fast-paced, and emotionally-filled 3-hour educational session developed and conducted by Gerald Dworkin, designed specifically for anyone with administrative, supervisory, management or emergency response responsibility for any type of aquatic facility. This program will prove especially beneficial to Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Lifeguard personnel, as well as Risk Managers, Town and City managers, Insurance representatives, and Health and Safety professionals, as well as parents.

This program focuses on the Prevention, Recognition, and Management of drowning and aquatic injuries and presents multiple principles pertaining to our Foundations in the Standard of Care for the Prevention, Recognition, and Management of Drowning and Aquatic Injuries. Numerous examples are shown throughout the program of the consequences when these principles are breached resulting in a drowning or serious injury. Multiple dramatic video clips are shown throughout the 3-hour program that actually show or depict a drowning or aquatic injury incident.

This program was developed by and is conducted by Gerald Dworkin, a professional Aquatics Safety and Water Rescue Consultant for Lifesaving Resources ( who regularly consults as an Expert in drowning and aquatic injury litigation throughout the U.S. Many of his cases are presented during the course of this program. Dworkin is a noted author and educator in the field of Aquatics, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, EMS, and Firefighting. As a consultant for Lifesaving Resources, he is also responsible for the development of Aquatics Safety, Lifeguard Training, Water Rescue, and Ice Rescue curriculums and for the conduct of or administration of these programs within the Lifeguard, Aquatics Safety & Recreation Sector, and the Public Safety & Rescue Sector.

The Scared Straight of Aquatics is presented using a state-of-the-art data projector and sound system to project the computer-generated slide program and video clips.