Gerald M. Dworkin

Gerald M. Dworkin (Gerry)

Technical Consultant for Aquatics Safety and Water Rescue, Lifesaving Resources, LLC

Gerald M. Dworkin, Lifesaving Resources

Gerry Dworkin is responsible for the development of all Lifesaving Resources’ educational programs; the conduct of all Lifesaving Resources’ training programs; and for technical consulting.  Gerry also is an internationally recognized forensic expert witness for drownings and aquatic injury cases.

As an author, Gerry literally wrote the book on Ice Rescue, Water Rescue and Aquatic Safety. In addition to his books, Gerry has published a library of articles and resources that, in addition to the Lifesaving Resources website, have been published in trade publications including the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), Fire Chief Magazine and Parks and Recreation Magazine.

Gerry has served as a volunteer, paid-on-call, and professional Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) continuously for over 40 years. He is currently a Firefighter for the Kennebunkport Fire Department, and an EMT for the Kennebunkport EMS, both in Maine.

During his 14 years as Health and Safety Services Director at the American Red Cross Gerald developed and supervised Aquatics Safety, First Aid, and CPR training programs resulting in over 30,000 certifications a year.

Lifesaving Resources Aquatic Safety Training Programs

Gerald Dworkin, in his role as Technical Consultant for Lifesaving Resources, develops education curriculum for the Public Safety, Rescue, Lifeguard and Aquatic Recreation Sectors.  These programs include Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Ice Rescue, as well as other specialized training programs including:

  • The Power of Water
  • The Scared Straight of Aquatics
  • Escape and Rescue from Submerged Vehicles
  • Lifeguard Training, Operations and Management
  • Standard of Care for the Prevention, Recognition and Management of Drowning and Aquatic Injuries

Aquatic Forensic Expert Witness

Gerry has consulted globally on over 350 drowning and aquatic litigation cases. His expert testimony is backed by the knowledge gained in the 45+ years he has been actively saving lives and training thousands of others in best practices to safely do the same.

For more information on Gerald Dworkin’s services as an expert witness, a listing of some of his cases and case studies, visit our Aquatic Forensic Expert Witness Services page.

TV / Radio / Newspaper Media Water Safety Expert

Radio stations, broadcast and cable television networks, magazines and newspapers regularly contact Gerald to provide opinions and expertise in the area of Aquatics Safety, Water Rescue, or Ice Rescue.

In addition to water and ice rescue, Gerry’s expertise includes swiftwater rescue, submerged vehicle extraction, lifeguard training and operations, and Scared Straight of Aquatics programs.

To schedule a media appearance, Gerry Dworkin can be contacted on our Contact Us page or by email directly at [email protected]

Gerald Dworkin Associations, Awards and Affiliations

National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA): Gerry has been involved with the organization for over a dozen years and has served an both the Board of Directors (2009-2015) and the NDPA Advisory Board (2007-2008). The NDPA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to drowning prevention and water safety.

Forensic Expert Witness Association: Member. The FEWA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional development, certification, ethics and promotion of forensic consultants.

International Swimming Hall of Fame: Gerry has served on an advisory committee for ISHOF (2016-2017)

United States Lifesaving Association: Member

Kennebunkport Fire Department: Paid, on-call firefighter. qualified as an Interior Firefighter, an Apparatus Technician, and am also certified in Radiological Monitoring, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Boat Operations, Rescue Operations, and HazMat Awareness and Operations.

National Water Safety Congress: Member

Aquatics International Magazine: Named one of the Power 25 Aquatic Professionals of industry leaders that are pushing the envelope and striving to reinvent aquatics.

The Lifesaving Foundation: Featured speaker at Drowning Prevention and Rescue Conference in Dublin, Ireland and participant at the 2014 World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Potsdam, Germany.

Emergency Medical Technician: Continuously certified as an EMT since 1972 , currently licensed in Maine as an EMT-B.

Gerry Dworkin CV


For a complete look at Gerald Dworkin’s achievements and projects, a copy of his resume may be downloaded here.
Gerald Dworkin CV

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